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Many years ago now, I had the great fortune to be brought into the world of bowling by my wife and father-in-law, William (Bill) C. Keyes II.  Bill took me into his pro shop and taught me the basics of bowling ball fitting & drilling.  It was a long learning process.


Bill loved the bowling business and most of all he loved talking to you, his bowling family.  So, as you can imagine, giving up this love, did not happen easily.  Some time later, through Bill’s guidance and some training classes through the IBPSIA ball drilling program., I’ve learned the trade and use my knowledge and skill to create a custom fit for bowlers, and have provided this service for the past two decades.

If you are venturing into the sport of bowling, I trust you will take it up one step further and have your bowling hand measured for a custom fit to your bowling ball(s). It is this humble man’s opinion that a custom fit makes everyone happier, especially you.


Steve Halterman
Halterman Custom Fit & Drill
mobile: (360) 739-5893